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Hi liz,
I am also undoubtedly addicted to drinking tons of diet fizz (diet cherry Pepsi in my case), Ciara, Vee – I also don’t trust myself enough to know how to eat, as it seems the minute I eat I don’t stop, I always usually end up going to far left to my own devices so this is the big thing for me, getting the conscious eating mind in control not the mindless eating I’ve been doing most of my life ..
I find it odd that I don’t think I even enjoy eating… sometimes if I binge on really bad food I really end up feeling awful and it doesn’t even taste nice ?.
Now, with no rules Or slimming world safety blanket to rebel against I am really am finding it hard and also paradoxically it feels like a tight grip loosening, but it’s so scary …
It is all a process, I see some microscopic secondary improvements and I’ve got to hang on to them ..
The forum is great though and it helps to know we’re all here in the same capacity ?