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Vee B

Victoria, I loved your post – it was very inspiring to hear of your changes in approach and good payoffs. I think, maybe like Esther, my progress is v much baby steps. But they are there, which is good. I decided that change by degree is what I’ll aim for, so rather than buying in family sized bags of chocolate I have gone to one standard (50g) bar. I’ve also – as I have NO idea what constitutes a ‘usual’ sized meal, had a go at eating half what I dish up for myself and then waiting for a while before the other half, in case what I originally ate was enough. Seems it has been. The biggest gain over the past week for me is having some gas left in the tank at the end of the day – last night was dancing for half an hour at home before going to bed, so a LOT more energy available than usually results after masses of carbs and sugary stuff.