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Victoria, I had the same question! I think I’m so used to being told what to do, that I”m like, “okay, now what?”
I think it’s scary, but beneficial that it’s in our lap what to do.

The other day, I read a book “Never Binge Again”. It was different from other books I read because it said to make your OWN plan with your higher brain and STICK TO IT. Even if it means, “have a candy bar” or don’t cut out certain items, but to make a plan ahead of time with your best self in mind. Then, it will give you an idea what the addictive desire is?

I know that I struggle to know what is normal and what the “addictive desire is”. But yesterday I had mentally plannedd what to eat, and it even included dessert. After dessert, I wanted another helping and a handful of more candy, and I was aware, “Okay, this is the addictive desire.” It helped just to be more aware and less unconscious.

Gillian, is this a helpful step? To plan ahead and then work through the addictive desire/expectation to overeat that we know will pop up?