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Hi Gillian, yes I see where you are coming from. If you tell me what to do (or not to do) then I am back into compliance and that’s not the place I want to be. I have gotten into this cycle of behaviour in the first place by complying all week, then rebelling at the weekend. Now every Friday and Saturday night means a few drinks and usually lots of food with it. I must say, compliance is an incredibly tempting place for anyone who struggles with food issues as it can be comforting to have someone telling you what to eat and when, which takes the responsibility off your shoulders, only now I can see how flawed this way of thinking is and why it has tripped me up in the past. Compliance (and consequently rebellion) is all I have known and I am really pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I have stopped reading magazine articles and TV shows about weight loss because I can easily get sucked back into the dieting mentality, ‘If only I could follow these rules all the time, then I wouldn’t be in this mess’. I have to laugh that I still want to comply with, ‘I will never eat addictively again’, I’m setting myself up for a fall! I think I have found my Achilles Heel. So, I will choose one thing to improve and work on that and not attempt to perfect everything. One step at a time.