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Vee B

Ciara, I’m trying to go the same way as you’re describing, tackling one thing at a time. For me the main thing at the moment is trying to understand what an ‘adequate’ amount of food looks like and feels like in my belly. Sometimes I misjudge, and I guess I also sometimes (quite often, actually, over the years) like the soothing nature of eating (addictive desire to ‘zone out’ in action, I reckon) – accepting this in myself is quite hard, but I am trying to use calmer language in my mind, rather than turning into my own worst critic. I recognise the ‘want’ you have to be able to have a biscuit or ice cream, and I too am hoping for a day when some of the foods that tend to trip me up (cheese, chips, chocolate) have less power and I can just enjoy them socially. I really liked the analogy in session 3 of pruning neural pathways for desire through cue exposure. Been trying this with living alongside chocolate bars. Hard going for me, but I’m hoping persistence pays dividends.