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Vee B

So this week has been one of variation for me. On two evenings I have coached myself past the temptation to overeat, using the MP3 and times/plans. I was interested to note how the urge to eat waxed and waned over time, and in hindsight about 10 minutes of it was the worst bit, with gradually ebbing urges for around 20 minutes after that. And then it went away. I hadn’t expected that.

But there have been several other times when I haven’t managed to ride out the addictive desire. On those occasions I have gone ahead and eaten, but tried to moderate how much food goes in. Fairly successful with this, though the day overtaken with peanuts and chocolate wasn’t such a winner.

Feel like some progress is happening, and trying (as others are, I note from posts) to moderate any perfectionist tendencies. One of my main aims is to go to bed without a distended, painful stomach – I am gradually having more evenings when I do manage this. But it’s not very consistent as yet.

How is it going for others?