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Ciara Z

I’ve been having the same experiences. It’s really nice not to be so black and white with my thinking these days. It’s early days yet and I’m still learning but I’m enjoying the process, plus I’m not as hard on myself if I eat a biscuit after lunch etc. For example, I went out for pizza at the weekend and felt an urge to eat all the sweets in the press when I got home. I figure that somewhere in my brain I thought I’d blown eat because I’d had a (gorgeous!)big pizza, so I thought ‘great, this is my excuse to get it all in’. So, I paused and reminded myself that I could have it all but said to give it 20 mins then I could have it all with a cup of tea. Of course, 20 minutes later the urge had weakened. I realised that the urge was so immediate because they were forbidden to me. I still have sweets, but not at the rate, speed and quantity I did in the past!