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Hi everyone,

Here some experience and input for the session this sunday: During this course (and for years before) overeating is what I did. Not every day, my pattern is (was?) eating healthy, restrictivly and then I felt of the wagon and overeat for two day’s or so, then recover of feeling dreadful and step of the wagon again with: oh I have to compensate this mistake. And weight was the biggest issue.
I was allways suprised bij how the addictive desire take over me, like it wasn’t me. Now I recognize more and more the arguments that come up and they look like such a good reasons! Now I see: the all are about NOW, never the future. The future is blocked out! Or at least presented like very irrelevant.
Yesterday, friday after work, a big cue, the addictive desire arised: I deserve it, I worked so hard, I ate so well behaved, a little bit of wine and chocolat are ok, doesn’t harm bla bla.
For me ‘the adult choice’ was also an eye-opener and I try to use this all week. And now: I felt the desire, but I also felt a speace in my head to think realy, like a real option: how do I want to feel tommorow morning? And not in once, it take a couple of ours while the arguments where comming, but I felt a choice! And after all I chooce to go to sport and go to bed early. And now I am proud!
An other eye-opener for me is: The little addictive desires during the week I can resist, but the big ones not! Now I see: I didn’t act effectivly one the small ones, but restrictivly, because there was no choice, but only: Don’t you dare! I think I build up a tence during the week and then as a vulcano, it’s become a big urge I couldn’t resist.
So, Gillian, for Sunday maybe more about Adult Choice, so I can realy practice on this in the right way. I’m also curius about other aspect in my life where I don’t make a adult choice but being compliance or rebellion!