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Thanks for that Gillian. I am feeling frustrated that I seemed to have forgotten all the good work I had done and reverted back to my old ways so I wrote it all down last night, which I found helpful and I managed to spot some mindset problems. The first one was that I ate wheat, so I decided I had blown it. Rather than working through my next addictive desire when it came later that day, I ate without thought. The desire was still there the next day and I justified my overeating with ‘its Mother’s day, I deserve a treat’, another mindset issue. I can see where I went wrong and how I fell into the trap and I think putting it down on paper was a useful exercise for me. I can see that one poor choice led to a domino effect of poor choices. The exercise also made me really consider the outcome of my choices, I felt rubbish, apart from feeling guilty, I ended up with a stomach ache all night and it is still bothering me now. So that is a good non-weight related motivation. I am hoping that by doing this exercise regularly it might help me to stay on track. Whilst doing the course I found that I put a lot of thought into what I was eating as it was at the forefront of my mind, now the course is over I can see my old thinking styles and behaviours creeping in and I have lost the focus that I had. I suppose my old behaviours have been around for over 25 years, so they aren’t going to just disappear overnight! I did one good thing though, I switched my usual Saturday night alcoholic beverage for alcohol-free wine, as I know that alcohol often makes me feel hungry and I start reaching for food and this is an issue for me, so at least I did something right at the weekend! As you say, it is a work in progress!