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Hi everyone, thanks for the replies.

I still have non-weight related motivations, and they are the reasons that I am working through some of my addictive desire. But when I struggle is in that moment when I see myself, not when I am eating, when I am at the gym or in a shop window, when I feel that sense of shame and this is when my weight comes to the forefront of my mind, so I am trying to find a better way to deal with this feeling. I do like the idea of switching thoughts to what’s going on inside my body, rather than obsessing about the fat on it. And being healthy and free from disordered eating is what I want. I had thought that maybe telling myself that, if I look after my health, my weight will look after itself, this may help to appease my huge dissatisfaction with my body in that moment. What I’m saying here is recognising that my health comes first and if I invest time and effort into working towards that, my size will reduce. Is that a healthier way to deal with these feelings?