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Larissa, with nutritional advice such as this, I always aim to make any suggestion based on a particular problem that’s been presented, and in a context of ’try this out and see if it makes a difference’. So, as I think you know, my programme isn’t about promoting any one nutritional theory, for example, a particular proportion of carbs. We are all different, so if eating carbs before noon works for you, I’m not the one to suggest a change there.

That said, I personally find (in my clients experience, my own, and as a result of the reading I’ve done) that eating less of the starchy carbs – grains, beans, sugars, root vegetables – is a good move. As you see on the ELO site page, ‘Your food and your health’ they tend to be inflammatory. And, they are not so nutritionally dense.

There are many, many different views as to how much to eat and when to eat them. Some people say to eat carbs in the evening as it will aid sleep. With all food-related problems, I always suggest that you experiment and see how you feel. Someone on this forum recently asked about feeling hungry even one hour after a meal – not good! I suggested lowering carb intake (bread, for example) and she said it helped her a lot.

On the site page, ‘Reads and views’ the first video I listed is the best presentation on carbs I’ve ever seen. It’s a huge subject.