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Hi Gillian
Yes it is helpful, thank you. You always increase the accuracy of what has been said. I know I will still have the addictive desire at times. When I’ve had it in the past I’ve always been a bit hungry and restricting or trying to restrict, never felt sated. This week I’ve felt very full and not had desire for sugar junk, partly because I’m not hungry. I know at times I will still fancy things, but then I’ll be a bit imperfect…?

Tonight, I am so satisfied. Normally I’d be nibbling, eeking out biscuits, trying to stay out of kitchen, trying and failing to moderate. Tonight we went to Nando’s. I had Mediterranean salad with chicken Breast ( feta, olives, Sundried toms). It was oily, and usually I would hate this. Tonight I ate it all and remain full. I looked at the desserts and thought they didn’t look particularly tempting anyway.

I know I havent got it sussed in a week but I feel I’ve made a new move, adopted a strategy that I’ve never committed to before, having being focussed on calorie count and prioritising treats within a low cal diet.

I did have a Diet Coke in The sun.

I’m also unsure if this ( your) way of eating is low carb or ketone is, or if these are both the same thing?

Also, do turkey rashers bacon substitute count as processed?