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Caroline, when you say, ‘I know at times I will still fancy things, but then I’ll be a bit imperfect…?’ remember there’s another possibility, and that is to work through your addictive desire. Even though you’re doing well with a lower carb intake, there may well be a time when you’ll want to implement this considerably more powerful strategy.

I’m not familiar with the turkey rashers.

You ask about low carb and ketogenic eating. Briefly, ‘low carb’ is a bit vague (how low is low?), while ‘ketogenic’ means so few carbs as to produce ketones in the blood, so it can be measured. When you’re in ketosis, your body is burning fat for energy; either fat you’ve eaten or fat stored on your body. You can create this by fasting and/or lower carb intake, but best to cycle in and out. Big conversation… I’d recommend FAT FOR FUEL by Dr Joseph Mercola for the whole story.

I’d be interested to hear if you’re seeing any non-weight benefits, other than not being so hungry (which is excellent).