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Hi Gillian
Thanks again for your comments.

How am I feeling other than less hungry? I’m feeling funny. This week I’ve had bizarre dreams each night, accompanied by significant sweating. I often do have vivid dreams and remember them but these have all been new dreams. I have felt really tired but it’s currently a sunny bank holiday and being quite lazy. May also be reduction in carbs? Today I’ve felt a bit sick. Straight after 2 rashers bacon and poached egg then on and off all day. Think it IS. A big change to my diet and hopefully will settle down. Remember only day 7 today.

Yesterday had the addictive desire for carbs. Finished lovely salad at mum’s and was heading home ( 90 min drive). Only resisted as they were in the boot and inaccessible. Did a lot of thinking on journey. In summery I felt as though I could wait, but only in the knowledge that I would have something on arrival home. Which I did. It was a day where I had had very very few if any carbs up til that point. Previously when I’ve tried to cut out sugar I’ve felt physically really unwell, as if I really needed it- but assume now have no metabolic flexibility. And I’m changing a lifetime’s way of eating.

Have been watching and reading, Tim Noakes and others. After a few I get a bit muddled and lose track of what I’m trying to prioritise: high fat, high protein or just low carb or just avoiding hunger and dealing with desires or whether I need to be Keto fat burning. 25 g carbs is too tiny an amount I think. For me. At present.

Having said all that I’ve found it much easier to resist all the ( kids) Easter chocolate. Normally I would be breaking off more and more bits of shell ( and not counting it) and this would lead to other indulgences. Today I’ve thought more ‘chocolate isn’t going to help me figure this out’ so haven’t had addictive desire for it. Def still feeling a need for carbs/more carbs. Today carbs have been in milk, Greek yoghurt, blue and raspberries, cauliflower and broccoli and carrots. And a bag of Cambridge weight Plan salted caramel bites (20g, sugars about 7).
I dread your response to such processed diet based food but included it in the interest of full disclosure