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Caroline, my aim, as with all my clients, is to support you in developing an autonomous relationship with food, where you can learn through trial and error what works for you. However, it will not be possible to do this while feeding or avoiding your addictive desire to eat.

Your Pavlovian bell rang last night from a feeling of being a bit too full, and you began to snack, to satisfy your addictive desire.

Even if you had fed that desire with carbs, it still would have continued. This is why you don’t stop at one snack, no matter what it is. As you say, you had been “serially snacking the way I previously did with simple sugary carbs”.

So yes, you weren’t eating what you craved, but eating anything at all rarely if ever ‘addresses’ an addictive desire in the sense that it makes it go away. So, yes, your addictive desire remained and persisted, which is what it tends to do.

This is the whole purpose of my “Eating Less” course material. From what I see in your posts, you have yet to turn around 180 degrees to face, manage and work through your experience of addictive desire. At some point I hope you consider that this may be of value to you, and perhaps even liberating. I don’t see how anyone makes real progress without it.

Please know that the focus of my work is not recommending lower carb eating, although that’s certainly worth trying out. What I teach is how to develop the skill of managing addictive desire, and thereby gain the ability not to feed it. This, in my opinion, is essential.