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Victoria, it looks to me like you have seen the issues very clearly and are taking good steps to work with this. I agree that your focus on weight recently may have got you off track, as it does with everyone. Good that you are looking at non-weight benefits now. Discover what they are for you, and keep them in mind – especially when you are drawn to your weight for any reason. And you have noticed a rebellion there, so you have the section on choice to revisit. That’s it! That’s what you do!

There may be one aspect missing from your post, and that’s self-compassion. Making mistakes is part of learning; all you can do is to learn from them, and it looks like you are doing that. Also, know that we live in a very messed-up, food-addicted culture, where the anti-nutritious crap known as “Easter Egg” is regarded as special, our birthright, and an honoured tradition. Be kind to yourself that you bought into that pervasive lie. Forgiving yourself won’t make you eat even more; quite the reverse.

I wonder if, along with the other things you’re doing, always looking at the ingredients list will help you?