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Hi.VIctoria, I feel your pain in the first post here. I, too, feel that I am trying so hard but ultimately am not ‘getting it’. I feel totally mixed up at the moment about what to eat. One thing I’m doing ‘wrong’ I think is to listen to the ELO things, and look for or devise a set of rules to follow to achieve that way of eating and know that I am doing it ‘right’.
With new rules comes compliance, restriction, and denying choice. I think I don’t trust myself to have free choice as I’ll abuse it. I cannot, or have not yet been able to, work through any craving while the food remains accessible.
I too feel that Gillian gives us so much help and advice and interaction here that I should’ve got it by now- and because I haven’t I have failed in some way. Not used to being bottom of the class, struggling and needing extra help.