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I think what might be the most difficult about this, Sarah, is that although you’ve got non-weight motivation, which is very good, it might be more of an intellectual idea, “I know this is good for my liver” rather than an experience of, say, more energy, better sleep or improved mood. If you can ever find real, tangible benefits you gain from making better choices, that would help a lot. Maybe you can see these already, but you didn’t mention.

Yes, it will help you to just be glad to be making better choices more often. It’s a start. Be sure to acknowledge what you’ve already achieved, and that will help you to continue and build on that.

See if there’s any pattern to those “what the hell” moments; perhaps an especially compelling addictive mindset. See Week 5 for more on that. What I’m talking about is a circumstance where you’ve got a “Really, Really Good Reason” to eat in an addictive way. Knowing how you justify making your “wrong choices” would be a good step, and “what the hell” seems like it might be a bit vague.

The only other thing I’d offer for specific health issues is to find the best advice on turning it around – but I’m assuming you already have that?

Do let me know if any of this has made a difference for you.