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Sarah, everything you’ve written in that first paragraph will help you a great deal, so just keep all of that in mind as much as you can.

I encourage you to identify more of the different types of mindset justifications, and challenge them:

“You should do it one last time and then you can really concentrate on your liver issue” can be challenged by keeping your future options wide open – “I could pass on this snack and still eat nothing but sugar for the rest of my life”.

And for “you deserve this – you’re so tired and you’ve been working so hard and you have made SOME changes so this won’t hurt” maybe something like, “yes I do deserve it, and being imperfect is helpful, but is this being a bit too imperfect for me – how will I feel after I’ve eaten it?”

I love a good paradox too. And I’m delighted that you’re seeing such wonderful non-weight benefits. The eczema clearing up is what you can see on the outside – so wonder what cleared up inside that you’ll never see but will still benefit from?