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Hello Bettina and welcome to the site and the forum.

My first thought is, if counting calories worked for you, you wouldn’t be here. I guess your question is whether it’s compatible with what you’ll learn here, and at some point along the way I think you’ll find it isn’t. I really do understand that it’s the only way you’ve been able to gain control of your eating in the past – but this site offers you a fundamentally different way to do that.

In order to engage in this new way, you’ll need to let go of the old way. But when you do that is up to you, and you’ll certainly need to watch some of the videos, and hopefully follow some of the written exercises, first, so that you know the direction you’re headed and why you’re following this new strategy.

I hope this helps you to get started. There’s nothing you can do wrong at the start, so just follow the course as fast or slow as you want to take it.