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Thanks for your post, Brittany. The solution to the problem you’re having is for you to know that you are completely, totally, 100%, utterly free to eat anything and everything you can get your hands on, in any amount, at any time. You never are locked in a cell – unless you really are (literally) locked in a cell!

What’s true is that some kinds of food support and enhance your health (mostly real food) and other kinds of food (mostly processed and manufactured) undermine your health. When you’ve got reliable sources of information letting you know about this (together with your own experience) you can make educated, informed choices, but this in no way compromises your essential freedom to eat anything.

The video 4.3 in Week 4 will be good to review.

I include references to current thinking about nutrition on this site because many people have told me they find this helpful. It’s in the “Extras” section because I don’t think of this as an essential part of what I’m teaching. In other words, you can use the ELO techniques to eat less processed, manufactured food.

“…in order to be truly successful…” depends on what you mean by success: weight loss or the best possible health? In my opinion, you achieve both of these by consuming less of the processed carbohydrates (especially sugar and wheat) and industrial seed oils (aka vegetable oils).

I’ve got a written exercise I could send you that would help you to sort this out. Let me know if you want it.

Also, please let me know if you still have questions; we can have a conversation right here about it if you want to do that. And, questions and comments from anyone else who reads this are most welcome.