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Hello Bettina – My understanding is that most artificial sweeteners do not support our health as they tend to be inflammatory, as I mention briefly in the “Extra” section: Your Food and Your Health. Erythritol, stevia and xylitol are thought to be the most healthy (or maybe the least unhealthy) but take great care when it comes to attempting to satisfy your desire for sugar with them, which tends not to work.

As for the meal replacement shakes, I’m thinking this would be to lose weight rather than to learn how to eat less? I’d put my money on the latter but maybe it will be best for you to find out in your own experience if meal replacements really do in fact help you towards your goals? I don’t like the idea of you not doing the shakes because I’ve told you not to!!!

It’s a complex subject and I’m happy to talk about it a bit in the webinar on Sunday, as it’s all about motivation anyway. Have you signed up for this series of webinars? If not, go to the Noticeboard in the “Extra” section. I hope you can join us on Sunday.