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Jenny, I’ve taken this bit by bit…

So should that be my intention, to not eat these things at all (or is that too much of a diet/prohibition mentality). Or is it better to aim to just not have them very often.
It’s best to learn how to have them less often, so you don’t set up an “all or none” mindset, where you are either rigidly in control or chaotically out of control.

But if I do choose to eat them sometimes, then at these times I would be choosing to eat in a way that damages my health – I don’t want to do that!
Eating a bit of something processed or with sugar occasionally may not be such a threat to your health?

Also if I choose to eat treats sometimes, then why is it ok to do so on those occasions but not others?
You are here because you’re eating these things too much, too often, yes? Using the techniques I’ll be introducing, it’s for you to find your own way with this, so you end up eating less of these things in ways that work for you – and that may change over time.

I think I’m in a bit of a muddle over this!! Do you have any tips on how I could approach this without feeling prohibition?
I wouldn’t be surprised if others are in a bit of a muddle over this, not just you – so thanks for this question. A crucial point here is that it would be possible to eat considerably less and even abstain without feeling at all like it’s a prohibition. For example, I don’t smoke at all, having quit in 1980, which is quite a long time without a cigarette! But, I don’t ever think of smoking as prohibited. I am freely choosing because I know I have as much freedom to smoke as any 60-a-day chain-smoker. And I don’t have to do it to prove it.

Let me know if this has sorted your muddle a bit; there is still quite a bit more to cover in the course about all of this.