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Dear Gillian,

i made a great experience yesterday. The last few years i never ate less than 300g of chocolate at once. Yesterday i really wanted to go and get one but before i went i also wanted to calm down. So i listend to the mp3, reminding myself of choice and especially the outcomes of doing it. So for the first time i went and bought a 100g one. Until that everything was fine and i felt kind of proud. But then i tried to stick to my plan to only eat the half of it. I couldn´t so i ended up eating the whole one. Still much better than 300g but i was wondering..why was i not able to stick to my plan? I felt proud and next morning i noticed that i did not sleep well and that i am afraid that i will not stick to my plan next time again.

I have watched the last videos already 4 times, they are incredible helpful to me !!!!