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Oh boy, I’m so glad you asked this question – both of you. Not only do I think it’s impractical and impossible to apply this 100% for ever, it’s not advisable either – for reasons I’ll go into in Session 6. For one thing, it’s not possible to define “addictive overeating” precisely. All we can do is aim to live somewhere around the bottom of that mountain of excess food, and not run up it too high too often.

Aiming for 100% tends to set up an “all-or-none” mindset, where you’re either in control – on the diet, on the programme – or off it 100%.

So yes, much, much better to apply the 5 steps of working through desire incrementally. Work on one or two behaviours, consolidate that change for a while (ie it becomes less of an effort) and then see what’s next for you.

It does sound like you are both doing very well. I encourage you to acknowledge what you’ve done, rather than dwell on what you’re not doing yet. If you tend to acknowledge achievements only when they are “perfect”, you’ll undermine your motivation to continue what you’re already doing.