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Hi Gillian, Louise and Janice

This has been really useful as this week I made a cake (I rarely make cakes but it was an occasion) and although I was fine on day one on day two I ate more of it than I wished to and it felt like I had fallen off the diet wagon so reading that it is not about trying to achieve 100% adherence made me breath a sigh of relief.

It was also interesting to read about the slim visitor who is concerned with weight and size. I had lunch with my sister in law this week who is an excellent runner and very slim and we were discussing eating. She said that although she eats cake (most days) she is very conscious of watching what she eats and adjusting the amounts of food she has (if she has cake) so she is not overeating. So I wondered if that is sort of what we are aiming for on the programme? Sorry if I am stating the obvious!