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Dear Gillian,

thanks a lot for the research, it took my few days but it was really interesting to read!

I can say that i learned a lot about my mind the last few weeks and since 10 days i am more and more able to transform all the known material into practice. The best moments/experience were the last few days.
I bought one of my favorite protein bar which is about 50g. I always feel guilty to eat the whole one but i also like it a lot after my training. So i decided to eat the half of it and the next half maybe later or the other day. This sounds so easy for some people but i was never able to keep chocolate in my house. Doing so i found out that the taste of the chocolate itself is a huge huge huge cue for me. So after realsing it i became aware of it and the only thing i did was accepting my wanting to eat more in that moment. I was simply asking myself if i would regret eating all of it. And the most amazing part was that actually after few minutes i was studying and not even thinking about it at all..

I am still eating a lot to much sugar i guess, since i have it almost every day and my long term goal is not to eat it anymore. But i also see a rebellious side coming out if i am thinking about it. So you mentioned that you stopped eating pizza for few weeks just because you were curious how you will feel if you do not have it. And i was wondering which part is missing in my thoughts to do so as well..Because not feeling addictive to sugar would be a great long term goal..

Thank you sooo much for spreading life-changing-informations 🙂