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Elena, you say your long term goal is not to eat sugar anymore, and you see a rebellious side coming out if you think about that.

If you shift that goal to, “I’ll eat less sugar just for now, just for this moment in time, and this might end up with me eating less and less over time and maybe it won’t” then you keep your options in the future wide open and your sense of rebellion will subside.

I find it helpful to exaggerate my wide open options: “maybe from tomorrow I’ll start eating nothing but sugar every day for the rest of my life.” It’s not likely I’d do that but it helps to make the point that I’m always free to make any choice.

Good to read about the progress you’re making. It looks like you are already eating less sugar, so something seems to be working 🙂 and it’s no doubt got a lot to do with feeling free to choose rather than giving yourself orders and demands.