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Hello Elena, just to say I found your posts and the replies so interesting and useful. You describe so well the feeling of panic and desire that I get when I walk past our local shop, where I often stop and buy unhealthy food to eat addictively. I would make excuses to go to the shop, so that I could buy food to eat addictively. I am writing down how my mood is after I have eaten addictively and find this very useful, because after the ‘high’ from the sugar I find myself irritable or sad, so I make a written note of that. I also get a lot of migraines when I eat unhealthily, and not only do they make me very ill, I also lose a lot of time because they wipe me out for 2 or 3 days. These nearly always happen after I’ve eaten addictively, so I am making notes on that too, as it is easy for my mind to block out those consequences until it is too late.