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Dear Gillian,

thanks a lot for your quick responses all the time !!!
It feels like i am finding missing parts in my puzzle and the outcome is incredible cool.
How do i feel after i have eating this or that, is the replacement of going on a scale and checking my weight. I feel so much better to set new priorities, it feels more real to me.

While i am practicing some questions are coming up.
In one of your videos you mention that you suggest to eat in the best of health, so it is important to know what is healthy.So my question is, how can i get informations lets say from a nutritionist without feeling looked up in a cell? Is that counterproductive or even impossible?

And i am also wondering if it is a common thing that people feel like they are fighting with reality when they are choosing not to follow their addictive desire? I mean e.g if it rains outside i know i´ll get wet if i am going outside. I simply accept it, makes sense to me. Not following my addictive desire feels like something inside myself does not want to accept the reality or fact ( in that case feeling bad afterwards) that with the sugar comes a bad outcome.

I am sorry to ask that much 🙂

Many many greetings