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Elena, for your question about getting nutritional information without feeling locked up in a cell, take a look at my webinar replay for Week 4 – go 50 minutes in from the start.

As for your question about fighting reality, consider that your desire to eat arises in your mid-brain (limbic area) which evolved as a survival system during times when food was scarce, frequently totally unavailable, entirely seasonal, and relatively bland. Our modern food and its availability has happened in the blink of an eye in terms of the whole of human history, so there’s a huge mis-match with our biology.

Your desire is saying, “eat as much as you can or you’ll die” which is why it feels like you’re fighting with reality when you don’t satisfy it. Your desire prefers sweet taste because it means the food probably isn’t poison, which tends to be bitter, and is probably at its most ripe which means it’s at its nutritional best.