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Jean DC

You ask, “Is it the “expectation” that I will get an addictive desire the reason that I will probably get one?” – this seems a bit more complex than it needs to be. When you have an expectation of eating (especially highly addictive sugar) that expectation gives rise to the desire. That’s why there’s little or no desire while in the state of perfect compliance.

Maybe it would be good for you to review the Session 6 Webinar first – and Session 2 about choice. I see prohibitive thinking in your post here and I’m not sure if you are aware of it? For example, “don’t allow myself to have them” and “to be able to eat and enjoy foods” and “to stop denying myself the pleasure”?

The specific details of what and when to eat are tough for me to comment on, further than the guidelines I’ve already given in yesterday’s webinar. It’s so individual – and I do wonder if you are trying to plan your imperfection perfectly? The goal is to work on resolving any fear and anxiety around your unsatisfied addictive desire for sugar; to be at peace with it.

Even considering what you might eat as your imperfection could bring it on. If you are experiencing a real feeling of addictive desire and you are “Working Through” that and not satisfying it at least sometimes – that’s what leads to your long term success. So you do whatever it is to make that happen. Watch out for symptoms of deprivation which are the result of prohibitive thinking.

And it will be important for you to consider the outcomes you’re creating as you venture into this world of eating sugar, but (hopefully) considerably less of it. Pay attention to how you feel after eating it; if it’s all joy and heaven and no downside at all, you’re less likely to accept feelings of unsatisfied desire for more (and more and more, etc).