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Hi Gillian,

I’m not so much thinking that something bad has / will happen but more along the lines of ‘I’m feeling really good and in control – oh my god, this might actually work so I better self-sabotage and act on my addictive desire.’ I can’t really explain why I’m feeling like this. I want to make changes; when you mentioned that I can always go back to my old ways I immediately thought ‘no, I don’t want to’. Yet success in this area of my life really scares me and I have thoughts like ‘people will comment on my weight loss and me looking better or I might get more attention and I don’t know how to react / what to do with those comments / getting more attention’. It’s probably a confidence thing. I have to say, saying to myself ‘this is just for now’ is working wonders in calming my mind and stopping my thoughts from running amok. What a great technique! But do you have any other tips?