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Jean DC

You’ve given me a lot to think about Gillian and I’m taking my time & intend rewatching many of the webinars.Yesterday I had a novel situation for me and I’m wondering if it was a positive step. I had a strong addictive desire for sugar all afternoon. I worked through it till after my evening meal and it was still there. I really wanted the chocolate that was in the house, my favourite. I considered the pros and cons of eating the chocolate and decided that I actually wanted to eat it, and to eat as much as I wanted, just for this evening! I ate all the chocolate (rather a lot) slowly and really enjoyed it. I didn’t feel bad, regret my decision or feel I’d somehow “blown it”. Physically I knew I’d had too much, but even when I couldn’t sleep I still felt happy with the decision. Today I woke still feeling positive, and have no desire for my past “What the hell, I’ve blown it so I’ll carry on overeating” behaviour. Is this what you were talking about, consciously making a choice? I’ve certainly never felt this way before about a binge eating episode.