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i will try to make it tomorrow but i am not 100% sure yet. So i wanna leave my question here if thats fine too.

In Webinar 4.4 (17:21) you are talking about being a bit more proactive so that the desire is not hitting us.
And you are coming up with the idea of provoking a desire 8 IF I get it right) so that we can feel it. This is very interesting and might help me as well. Could you please dive into that maybe a bit more with another example?

So for me i love to have a special chicken-wrap with potato rings when i go to my favorite restaurant. I rarely go there and not ordering this wrap but i do not feel that i can choose in that moment. Even in the morning i know if we are going to that place i am gonna ordering it anyways and i do not like that feeling. Would you suggest going there and let myself feel the desire and ordering something else? I want to break the pattern going to that place and always wanting that wrap.

Many greetings