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Hello Elena

Very good news that you’ve been doing so well, with these ‘great weeks’ behind you now.

As for feeling locked up and becoming rebellious, the phrase from your post that jumps out at me is ‘a strong commitment’. I get what you’re saying about the non-weight motivation, and that’s good. But making a commitment about anything is another way to deny freedom of choice because it locks you in for the future. That’s what a commitment is: “I’m making a choice now and I’m going to stick to it”. Once the commitment has been made, you no longer feel free.

I suggest you review the Webinar replay for Week 4 and start 50 minutes in from the beginning. I have the words “prohibit – forbid – restrict – deprive” on one slide, but could certainly add “commit” to those to produce the same effect. There’s a similar presentation in the video at 4.4 but the webinar replay version is better, IMO.

The solution is to ease up by thinking, “I’ll try these changes for now and see how it goes; if I don’t like it I don’t have to continue; let’s just see what happens as I go along.” This mindset will keep you feeling free, and with that, there’s no way to rebel.