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Ellen Watts

Victoria that’s fantastic, well done.
Your post resonated with me as I too have digestive problems – I had a big flare up a few weeks into the course in February and ended up on medication. I have spent the last 6 months or so grappling with various diets and non diets – cutting out food groups then rebounding – eating what I want and then making myself ill etc

Your comment about starting to think about what you could eat to heal your digestive system is what I try to do now – it’s taken me a long time to get to this stage and occasionally I panic about my excess weight and maybe I should sign up to Weightwatchers and be done with it, but then I remind myself that I’ve spent years trying to shift the weight through diets and I’m still overweight!! I know I’ll react against any diet I try anyway.

Despite everything, Gillian’s Times and Plans and the Outline are ingrained in my head.

Like you I don’t want to get ill again. This has really motivated me to eat better and put weight loss on the back burner.