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Larissa, I encourage you to read a post here on this forum from 4 days ago by Victoria titled “breakthrough”. What she’s written will be of value to you, as she has made that leap from motivation about improving appearance to supporting health. I do understand it’s a challenging leap for you – and many people – but unless you tackle that it isn’t going to pull together for you. I say this because I’ve witnessed this dynamic over and over with all the people I’ve worked with for more than two decades.

“I seem to comprehend all the harm I am causing myself with every extra bite” is a vague, negative and threatening way to think of it. It’s much more effective to think of gifts you create for yourself, “if I accept and don’t satisfy this desire, I’ll have a sense of control and achievement, more energy and clearer thinking for the rest of the day” – or something along those lines that’s true for you.

If you don’t make the effort to discover that for yourself and remind yourself of this at moments of desire, this will not work for you, as you are discovering. I can only point you in the right direction. I am not able to make the journey for you.