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Margaret, I didn’t jump in with an answer for you two days ago as I thought you wanted to hear from others first – but really it’s not such an easy question to tackle.

I’m not convinced about ‘weight plateaus’ as such, and I’ve written a blog about ‘Set Point Theory’ which puts forward the idea that your body dictates your larger-than-ideal size. It’s not available at the moment because I’ve been working on a new site which isn’t quite ready yet, but I’ll let you know soon.

What I find for myself is that lowering my carb intake is what makes the difference. This is especially true as we age, as we become more insulin resistant and develop some degree of metabolic syndrome. The video in the “Reads and Views” section of this site by Prof Tim Noakes goes through that in detail, but there are many other voices out there in agreement.

Briefly, our bodies become less and less capable of metabolising carbs; in part through overeating them over many years. This sets the stage for disease states such as heart disease, diabetes, etc – and excess storage fat.

Do let me know if you have any other questions about this.