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Hi Gillian and Sally,

Thank you Gillian for actually making sense of the question! It sounds like carbs maybe the answer as to why the weight goes back on…for me, maybe just overeating is also part of the answer but more than willing to blame it on my body rather than my eating habits! Much food for thought here…will check out the Reads and Views Section again..but reducing carbs especially those higher in calories is going to be my starting point. Thank you for yet another light bulb moment in my on going attempt to live a healthier and much better lifestyle in my later years!

Thank you Sally for your reply, it’s good to know someone else has experience of plateauing and regaining lost weight! It helps to look at it afresh and work through it…rather than give up and think we are the only ones experiencing gaining and losing the same weight over and over again! This site and also reading Gillian’s Book Ditching the Diet, means hopefully the theory learnt by reading and listening can be actually turned into practice and we may finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Look forward to reading about The Set Point Theory Gillian but off now to watch the video in the Reads and Views Section…will report back next week but am positive lowering carbs will work because it just makes so much sense of the situation.

Enjoy your weekend
Many thanks