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Hello Margaret, Gillian, everyone

I found this very interesting as I had not heard of the ‘plateau’ or set point theory. Although I have over-eaten all my life, I have never been much into weighing myself, partly because I was lucky for many years not to put much weight on (although my diet was unhealthy). I started weighing myself when I went to Slimming World a few years ago because as I got older, the fat was starting to increase around my belly and I started to worry about ‘getting overweight’ (rather than ‘being unhealthy’). I became fixated on weight loss while I was at Slimming World, for example, celebrating a 0.5lb loss, which seems ridiculous now.
Since I broke my leg, I have lost a lot of muscle and gained fat – perhaps not as much as expected. I was told by my surgeon that bone healing takes a lot of calories, and to eat fats such as butter, cream, cheese and full-fat milk, and also lots of leafy green vegetables, seeds and nuts, citrus fruits, and fish with bones in. No mention of carbs! That seems to match with many of the ideas in the videos Gillian has been sharing.
Using the technique, I have been focusing on ‘bone healing’ as a motivation and it has really helped. I know that the extra fat will probably come off when I am able to start walking again. This feels really liberating for me – without the technique I would have been anxious and despairing about the extra fat I have put on, and probably would have resorted to giving up and comfort eating. Looking forward to the webinar!