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Lucy, thanks for posting this – I expect you are speaking for many of those who are here starting this course. I know it can be frustrating to begin with, as you’re getting the material bit by bit and you’ll need all of it for it to work well. Even so, it will be best to integrate the ideas covered so far, and to continue to do that as you go along.

So, as one example, I spoke about the value of self-compassion in the introduction, and you could find a way to bring that into your thoughts about all of this. It doesn’t mean you don’t want to make changes (of course you do!) it means you’ll come up with a way to appreciate yourself for what you are doing. Maybe joining this course and for making a good start on the material so far?

And continue to do this week by week: “Here, I’ve come up against a problem: what can I apply from the things I’ve learned so far?”

As for your so-whats – for Lucy and Sian – I’ll be speaking about that on Sunday – so not long to wait.