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Thanks for your reply Gillian. I got such a sense of my prohibitive thinking yesterday, I think as I’ve been doing it for many decades (from the age of 12!) it just feels like the normal way to approach food and eating, it quite shocked me when I caught it occurring and realised oh actually maybe this HAS got a lot to answer for. Would it be in that moment I would challenge it by saying “you are free to eat anything you want, at any time” ? Its become like a little mantra I’ve been saying today whenever I’ve had a food related thought, its early days I know but just that phrase seems to be reassuring me somehow and I can feel a little bit of stress or compulsion ease.

Thanks for your comment Nicola….yes bring it on!
And Sian yes same here, I still want to be able to enjoy cake etc but not let it derail me completely…. Hopefully Gillian will show us how.