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Hi Gunici…Thats fantastic. Yes I have been running conversations like that in my head today, I too had a “moment” when faced with crisps at lunchtime, I did eat literally a few but whilst doing so said to myself hey I am free to eat these whenever I like and after that I just stopped eating them, most unusual! And when I got home tonight I did begin to feel quite irritable so wondered if that was a sign of prohibition, not consciously aware it was but who knows, anyway I read some of the notes I have made about weeks 1 & 2 and that really helped.
I know exactly what you mean when you say you felt free…me too. And yes I have the same question “will it last”? As Gillian said last night we have no evidence that it will work, yet, so I’m sure little signs like this are a really positive beginning and worth noting.
I also started to listen to the self compassion introductory video earlier and cried when Gillian said you can learn and grow self compassion with practice….its like Ive been in a prison…all of my own making!

Good luck, looking forward to week 3! X