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Yes, I definitely feel better for not drinking it, although I admit it was REALLY tough to give up the morning cups – those ones you use to get you going in the mornings! I read in a book about the caffeine-sugar-alcohol spiral. It goes like this. You need caffeine in the morning to get you going. As your body relies on caffeine, you also need it to keep you going in the day – and often, sugar is used for the same reason (my go-to treats to keep me going on a strict diet used to be a cup of tea and a banana – sugar and caffeine, essentially.) What this does is enable you to survive the day on poor nutrition – I was losing weight but cheating my body out of being properly nourished. And as Gillian has pointed out, this raises cortisol levels (I had mine checked and my end of day levels were sky-high). So – come the evening, you have all this cortisol swimming about in your system (as well as caffeine) and guess what? You can’t get to sleep! You are wired on caffeine and cortisol. So what do you do? You have a glass of wine (or two!) to unwind enough to fall asleep. And what that means is that the caffeine and sugar used to get through the day (while cheating our body of proper nourishment) leads to the need for alcohol at night to reverse the process – so you are artificially keeping yourself going in the day (with caffeine and sugar) and then artificially reversing that process in the evening (with alcohol). (Not factoring in of course how alcohol leads to the munchies…!!). So I just became aware that I was definitely using the caffeine-sugar-alcohol trio in a way that was destructive to my health and my sleep. I’ve given up caffeine – but am now stuck with the evening wine habit (because it’s what I’m used to and because my brain tells me I need it to unwind). So I am trying to use this course to ditch the evening wine as well because I really don’t need it any longer to fall asleep, now I am no longer drinking caffeine. Sorry this is a bit long but I hope it helps! Good luck!
Nicola x