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Hi Gillian,
Yes, I dd read Sarah’s post and I found it very inspiring and it helped me make better choices today. I teach in a private school 2 days a week and lunch is provided. The chef is amazing, and the food is truly delicious. Every day there is a choice of a hot main meal, a hot vegetarian meal, or a very extensive salad bar (with baked potatoes, tuna salad etc). Not to mention some pretty amazing puddings… we can literally eat whatever we want and as much as we want. These 2 days are such a battle for me!! Oh boy, have I struggled. I usually overfill my plate and spend the afternoon feeling stuffed. Today, as I walked into the dining room, I told myself very firmly that I could eat whatever I wanted and as much as I wanted. And I could have pudding too, and go back for seconds if I wanted to. And… I ate a normal amount of food!!! I did not overfill my plate or eat until I was stuffed. And I had grapes for pudding. And I didn’t feel deprived…Writing this, at 4pm, I am beginning to get hungry for my next meal, rather than being full till bedtime.
Nicola x