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1/ Do you think this background hunger is still desire or does the body need to adjust to eating less… Its hard to know if this is genuine hunger…
Your addictive desire to (over)eat can certainly appear as hunger, so it’s really a process of trial-and-error to discover how much you really do need. Counting calories isn’t useful as not all calories are equal as far as your body is concerned.

2/ I have been feeling very tired and quite low… can this sort of work, introducing new cognitive ideas, be tiring?
I’ve not heard that from clients, although it’s possible. It seems you’ve made some big changes in what you’re eating, so if you are feeling more tired than usual, it’s likely your body is adjusting to that. Or maybe (see 1/ above) you’re not eating enough? Let me know if extra fatigue and low mood persists.

3/ I love Lindt 90% dark chocolate… I don’t want to not eat it or give it up.
Our goal is not to eliminate every single bit of overeating, to never satisfy any addictive desire. It’s enough to simply do it less. Maybe a lot less, but I never recommend 100% abstinence, unless there’s a health issue such as a problem with gluten or a peanut allergy which is a different matter entirely.