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Lucy, a couple of days ago you posted here that this course has been “extremely emotional” for you and “quite a journey”. It seems you’ve made significant changes in your eating, and all of this is fine, but could it be that for some reason you’re pushing yourself to over-achieve? Do you think it all has to be ‘perfect’ in order to last, and that eating crisps at your Dad’s might cause it all to unravel?

I don’t know you at all, so please forgive me if this doesn’t fit for you. I will be addressing all of your questions here in the remaining webinars in this series, but I think I’m picking up something else that’s going on alongside the questions (which, by the way, are excellent).

Just one week ago you posted here that you’ve created “a really devastating relationship” with your eating, and that you “cannot imagine ever being able to trust myself not to overeat… it seems an impossible thing”. Has anything about that changed for you over the past week?

I encourage you to be in a process with this, and to remember you are only half-way through the initial course – with access to this site, the forum and the Q&A webinars for one year. So there’s no rush! Why not take your time, acknowledge what you’ve done so far and allow it to consolidate in your mind and brain.