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Hi Gillian,

Yes I probably am trying to over achieve and I know that I am by nature a bit impatient, boom or bust, all or nothing, and want things “fixed” or “completed”. Its part of my make up…maybe its the Leo in me ;)… and I have been trying to make these aspects more conscious in me for years!
So thanks Gillian, a timely reminder from you to take it all a bit slower and calmer and appreciate what I have done so far. Good advice.

When things change for the better (and this is in all different aspects) I always jump to the conclusion that it will stay like that and I get very disillusioned when they revert. But as you say its a process and I am thankful to you for it!

And yes there was part of me that thought by eating crisps it would all unravel yet again, I feel a bit silly now!

“Just one week ago you posted here that you’ve created “a really devastating relationship” with your eating, and that you “cannot imagine ever being able to trust myself not to overeat… it seems an impossible thing”. Has anything about that changed for you over the past week?”
In answer to that..yes I have had a glimpse that it could change, have in fact experienced it.