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Gunici, I have three questions for you:

1. do you think you have two different ideas mixed up: “I want to lose weight” – and – “I have to lose weight”? The last one says you have no choice in the matter, which of course is not at all true. Maybe the first one is true (I don’t know) but it is a different statement and not really part of the 3.6 exercise. Good that you did it, though!

2. your non-weight motivation (in Week 1) to eat less was:

What: find an end with the meal-finish eating is finish
Why: i want to enjoy the whole meal, not only the peaces after the end of the meal
What: don’t want to snack on my sofa in the evening
Why: lose weight, be free of thoughts what i have in the fridge and i might eat, or not, or eat…

Is this sorted now? Is there anything else you want to aim for that’s not weight loss?

3. Do you see any improvement with your eating/overeating? You described your desire as: urgent, it possesses you, doesn’t disappear,
feels like having heartbreak, lost someone important. Is it still like this?